Our Expertise

Universal PR is one of the leading boutique tech PR firms. Since 2004 we’ve helped more than 100 M&E & technology companies such as NTT, Panasonic, Konami, Toyota, Capcon, Daikyo, Fuji TV, Pony Canyon and more. We also have a special dedicated crypto PR that is designed to serve the specific blockchain PR needs of crypto companies, and have substantial experience in doing coin PR and token PR with blockchain companies –

We will get you in the right meeting with members of the media as well as well known Influencers with huge followings

Our Services

  • Blockchain PR
  • Crypto PR
  • Coin PR
  • Token PR
  • Fundraising promotion
  • Media Relations
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Influencer management consultation
  • Content creation and consultation
  • Product and messaging consultation

Unlike other markets, Japan can be a difficult market to penetrate for those who cannot navigate its cultural and language-based differences.  Universal Planner works with our clients to develop their marketing strategy for Japan, as well as how to appropriately position and promote their business locally.  Our expertise and services cover both traditional media and digital marketing communication, each framed to the specific needs of the Japanese market.

From writing the press release, host the events and parties, to press conference inviting Japanese TV stations, Major Publications and News Crews to create the hype.