Former Associate Partner at IBM, Global strategic adviser at Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, TV Anchor and Patent Owner and E&M entrepreneur in NY, LA and Tokyo.
In NY, she invested her first venture as 23% shareholder, dealt with various Broadway Musical companies tour in Japan, Acquisition/license and produced various US and Japanese TV shows for NHK, Wowow, TBS, Fuji TV, and TV Ashahi, etc.
In LA, she started the first multimedia break out company Future Pirates LA., and after successful M&A exit, she started VFX studio in Hollywood, worked with Lucas film, Fox, Paramount, Universal Studio, Warner Bros, to produce various TV openings and special effect for films and 3D IMAX.
In Tokyo, She started her patented display media back-pack as new human media advertisement and profited within 2 months and received human media award from Sendenkaigi, featured on FOX, CNN, Wierd, Daily Yomiuri and London Times.



Interviewd by Emiko Miki



Dan Mapes (VR, Block Chain, Cryptocurrency Specialist)
is a digital media entrepreneur with an MBA in International Business and a strong background in management and high technology product development for internet and entertainment applications. His career has included digital media product development in Silicon Valley and digital entertainment projects in Hollywood.
His background includes designing image-rich rock tours with Peter Gabriel, creating the first music composing software for the Macintosh, producing The First Summit in Cyberspace between Nelson Mandela and Shimon Peres using advanced internet videoconferencing, technology, designing a nationwide e-learning system for the Saudi Arabian school system and performing on the Tonight Show with his visual music ensemble.


kaifuwebMASAKI KAIFU Media Consultant
The son of the former Prime Minister Kaifu.
Masaki Kaifu has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and television business. He has the business expertise in licensing and importing Japanese content to the US and Europe, as well as exporting US content to Asia.
Masaki and his associates help orchestrate new international content co-productions between Japanese and U.S. companies.
As Head of the Anime Division and Chief of the Film Department at WOWOW (Japan’s first premium satellite and cable network), Masaki finalized the licensing agreements with major Hollywood film studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and DreamWork.
In addition, Masaki has a vast network in the political and business world from his position as an Assistant to the Prime Minister of Japan



James Brown Digital Marketing Consultant
James Brown is the lead-generation specialist and one of the ultimate marketing and business
strategy guru’s. For over 20 years he’s helped small business owners & entrepreneurs to
maximize their profits through their online endeavors. He regularly travels, consults and teaches
in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Panama and Japan. He is called `Fixer`